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Getting Started


Welcome to the EssentialMode documentation, here you can find all the info you need to use EssentialMode to its fullest.

Installation (6.0.0+)

  • Download EssentialMode from here
  • Extract it into your resources folder and rename the folder to "essentialmode"
  • Append "start essentialmode" to your server configuration, and all addons after that
  • Also make sure to set the following in your server.cfg file (before "start essentialmode")
  • Start the server and everything should work fine

If you are using EssentialModes UI component don't forget to install this

Using CouchDB

If you are already using CouchDB or want to continue using CouchDB from version 5, then you can. Just set the following convar:

Note: Also put that before "start essentialmode" in your server configuration


  • Advanced permission system, groups and specific levels
  • Easily add commands
  • Logs for almost everything
  • Made for perfection
  • Clean readable code
  • NativeUI Money UI
  • NUI Money UI
  • User class for easy user manipulation and saving


EssentialMode(& other EssentialMode resources released by me) uses AGPLv3 for more info click here. A private license can be discussed if you have valid points


EssentialMode configuration

The settings down below can be set using convars, an example will be provided.


EssentialMode settings

These are the settings that can be changed for EssentialMode. Use the below code to set them, don't actually edit any essentialmode files.

These settings can also be edited via convars, see example below to put into one of your existing configuration files.


Listen Events

Listen Events

These can be used to utilize any database you desire.
Note: For these to work you have to enable custom data handlers

User Class

Default Groups